UI Toolbars


UI slots are a powerful tool that enables high customizations over Dataloop UI, it provide you the ability to create your own buttons and functionality in the Dataloop platform, allowing users to invoke the FaaS function when needed. Once a Slot is activated, users can execute the function through the UI Slot in different parts of Dataloop system, such as the Dataset browser, Task browser, or Annotation studio.

Define a UI slot in the platform

UI slots can be created for any function, making it possible to invoke the function through a button click.
Binding functions to UI slots will enable you to manually trigger them on selected items, annotations, or tasks.

Defining a UI slot will require the following:

  • module_name - The python file containing the python class (ServiceRunner by default) with functions inside it.
  • function_name - The basic running unit of that FaaS execution
  • display_name - The name that will be displayed to the end-user
  • display_icon - The Icon that will be displayed to the end-user (See Dataloop icons inline-style link or FontAwesome inline-style link for more options)
  • post_action - The post action once execution is done
  • display_scopes - The ui scopes the application will appear upon

Dataloop currently supports the following UI slots scopes:

  1. Item as a resource:
    1. Dataset Browser
    2. Annotation Studio
  2. Annotation as a resource:
    1. Annotation Studio
  3. Task as a resource:
    1. Tasks browser


Let’s define a UI button for the “RGB to Gray” function.
For that, we should create a slot entity in the SDK, that can be later activated from the UI to quickly invoke functions.

In this case, the input for the RGB function is an item, so the slot resource should be item as well (i.e. SlotDisplayScopeResource.ITEM).
As a result, the function will be accessible in the annotations studio under "Applications" dropdown:

import dtlpy as dl
slots = [

Once the function finishes executing, you can decide what the function outputs. Currently, 3 Post-Action outputs are available for UI slots:

  1. SlotPostActionType.DOWNLOAD - Download the output, available only for item output.
  2. SlotPostActionType.DRAW_ANNOTATION - Available only for annotation output. Draw the annotation on the item.
  3. SlotPostActionType.NO_ACTION - Take no further actions

Additionally, you can use filters to specify which items in are eligible to be used in app (e.g. filtered by item type, item format, etc.).

Update the Package and Service with the Slot

Now you can update your package and service with the new slot you added:

# Update package with the slot
package.slots = slots
package = package.update()
# Update service with the new package version
service.package_revision = package.version

Activate the UI slot

To make the UI slot visible to users in the platform, you need to activate the slots:


Notice that clicking on the UI slot button will trigger the service only if it is active.

Pause the service:
We recommend pausing the service you created for this tutorial so it will not be triggered:


Congratulations! You have successfully created, deployed, and tested Dataloop functions!